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Experience with small parts through to fabrications in excess of 50 tonnes. CNC Milling

I didn’t start out as a design engineer. Here I am setting, programming and operating a 7-axis horizontal borer.

I can provide simple or complex toolpaths for a wide variety of machine tools, either CAM generated or using hand written g-code.

As a machinist, an aerospace manufacturing engineer and a motorsports machine shop manager, I’m well used to solving problems quickly and under pressure and I appreciate that not all problems require complex solutions..

A really simple case study.. A weld-prep on a torsion bar flange

We were taking an age to surface machine this complex weld prep with a ball-nose milling cutter even though we were doing it on a 5-axis millturn machine.

The weld prep had an axis relative to the torsion bar

This torsion bar assembly was part of a race car suspension arrangement and a batch of spares were needed before the Le Mans 24 hour race.

My solution;

  • use a standard 60° chamfer tool
  • tilt the B axis to match the angle that the torsion bar passes through the flange
  • I generated a series of arcs we could CNC mill through to accurately generate the profile of the hole where it passes through the back of the flange;
  • And that’s it! Even my highly experienced machinist/programmer was sceptical about what I was showing him until he saw the results.

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