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One of my ‘as seen on TV moments’. Grand Designs ‘The Derelict Water Tower’ episode featured one of my original freestanding bath tub designs (above) as well one inspired by the classic french ‘bateau’ bath. These are just two from a handful of original and inspired designs undertaken for new company around a decade ago.

See the full episode here;

Expertly surfaced 3d models ensured the tooling was simple (everything was designed as a 2-part mould) and extremely effective. Careful control of wall thicknesses ensured a high quality feel while controlling weight and avoiding undue shrinkage of the phenolic resin.

We can help in a number of ways if you have a product to develop;

  • overall design and scope
  • roadmap from concept, through to prototype, testing and manufacture
  • 3d printed and rapid prototype (physical) models
  • advice on manufacturing materials and processes (and suppliers)
  • high quality visuals for your potential investors or even your own trip to the Dragons’ Den!

ContractCAD High Quality Product Renders

A photo quality rendering produced from CAD data

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