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A good machining fixture should be a hassle-free experience to use. As well as securing the part during machining it should;

  • be safe for the operator, avoiding sharp edges and finger traps
  • ensure it’s not stressing or distorting the part
  • capture and control drawing datums
  • avoid coolant and swarf traps
  • be easy to reposition and set up
  • avoid unnecessary ‘loose parts’ that can be lost or dropped
  • have simple, reliable and repeatable clamping (I often design bespoke clamps when I want clamping pressure in a specific place and/or in a particular direction)
  • allow full access to the part – especially important in these days of multi-axis machining when we could be hitting 5 sides of a part in one operation

I have a good reputation with the machinists I work with for supplying practical and thoroughly thought-out fixture designs. Fixtures and Fixture Design

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